Bayou DeVille Bio

Jonno Frishberg and Bo Ledet have been playing Cajun Dance Music together for fifteen years- ever since Jonno migrated east from Lafayette with wife Maria and son Colin. Daughter Eva was born soon after their arrival and the kids grew up in New Orleans listening and dancing to Cajun Music in the Crescent City. Jonno and Bo (a native West Banker) have played thousands of gigs as the BeauBassin Cajun Band (Sound of New Orleans Records), Charivari (Rounder Records), Jonno (New Range Records), and for the last six years as Bayou DeVille.

The live CD they recorded before the storm has just been released. Now the kids are in the band, playing guitar and bass (as well as studying music at NOCCA). With Kevin Aucoin, John Dowden, and Bo- all Cajun descendants who grew up in the New Orleans area- the band has forged an honest "rural meets urban" Cajun sound. They are a weekly staple at Mulates Restaruant and regularly play the city's festivals. As a special treat, they often include Doyle "Trumpet Red" Cooper, their Gentilly Terrace neighbor, on trumpet and percussion !


Jonno Frishberg